1/70: By this time, the brochure has changed significantly.  The three-panel/fold out design has been deleted, and is now replaced with 4-page stapled brochure (8 pages in total).  The cover photo is the same, but everything else differs.  A yellow car with a full black vinyl roof appears on page 4 and 5 (featuring the larger 14" rims and wheel covers, and white wall tires).  The "Maverick" script on the front fenders now appears in a lower position than it appears in either of the preceding 1970-model year brochures.  On page 6, options appear in illustration form for the first time: A/C is featured, the 250 six appears for the first time, the center console is illustrated, the Blazer seat trim is mentioned, and is the Convenience Group (including the center console, left-hand outside remote-controlled mirror and cigar (not cigarette !) lighter.  On page 7, the Blazer seat trim in earth tones appears in a large illustration.  The Options list on page 7 has also grown to include new items: "Belted" tires (radials?) in the size of B78-14 White sidewall, and vinyl roof.  The final page (page 8) has a basic promotional and mechanical details on the car.















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