8/69: This brochure, dated in August of 1969, has some interesting changes from the 3/69 version.  First, on page four of the brochure (the third panel of the 'inside'), Ford added an inset photo of the Blazer Stripe Upholstery, and notes that it was offered in two different colors.  The color indicated predominently earth tones appeared on my Black Jade 1969-1/2 model .  The last panel (back page) contains some other interesting changes: First, the package tray mounted ignition switch is absent.   The phrase "Goodbye Old Paint" now appears all in lower case, as do the names for the hippie-era colors ("Thanks Vermillion" has been deleted, for some reason).  In the 'standard paint' list, "Black Jade" has changed its name to Dark Ivy Green Metallic, and the fancy names for Black and White have disappeared.

Interestingly, the Ford Buyer's Digest , dated 8/69, only shows the baseline Maverick that appears in the 3/69 and 8/69 Maverick brochures. 
















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