3/69: This brochure, on the last page, has an interesting illustration at the top of the page.  Despite the common opinion that the first version of the 1969 Maverick could be purchased with many if any options, this photo shows an auto transmission quadrant on the steering column, an air conditioner outlet on the dash (on the extreme right and left of the dashboard, mounted underneath and just above the package tray), and a radio.  Note also that the ignition switch is mounted on the package tray, just to the left of the radio and to the right of the steering column.  The printed options section also makes it clear that Ford intended this car to be offered with full options from its inception: 200 six, auto transmission, a semiautomatic transmission (a two-speed auto?), A/C, tinted glass, day/night inside rearview mirror, AM radio, 6.45 by 14" tires to go with 5" inch/four lug/14" rims, 6.00 by 13" whitewall tires (imagine those!), Accent Group (bright drip moldings and window frames, 6.45-14" blackwall tires, wheel covers and color-keyed carpeting), Blazer seat trim (only available with the Accent Group), Vinyl seat trim (vinyl only), and several axle ratios. Note the high-mounting position of the "Maverick" script on the front fender (cross link here to the two 3/69 press release photos).   And check out the colors: Anti-establish Mint, Hulla Blue, Original Cinnamon, Freudian Gilt, and Thanks Vermillion.  The auto press of the day wryly noted that Statutory Grape was considered but quickly dropped by cooler minds in Ford management! 








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