1970 to 1972 FORD MAVERICK

The most successful car in Ford history!

After years of work aimed at recapturing the flavor and success of the Ford Mustang, the Ford Maverick debuted on April 17, 1969, exactly five years (to the day!) after the Mustang was first presented to the public. 

Ford was clearly counting on the success of the Maverick.  Stung by the success of the Volkswagen Beetle and other import compact cars, the Maverick was intended to not only capture the inexpensive domestic market but also compete directly with the foreign vehicles.  The "launch" of the vehicle was preceded by an avalanche of promotional items.  Such as the following:



The factory's support to the dealers was extensive and even included a special promotional record.  Other dealer items included a series of four brochures. The threat of foreign competition was compelling enough that Ford General Marketing Manager Gordon B. MacKenzie presented a spiral bound, hard cover special book to assist Ford dealers deal with the foreign car owners who might show up at the Ford dealers to possibly buy a Maverick.

Ford's full-court press was wildly successful, perhaps even beyond's the Division's wildest expectation, because first year sales were 579,000 units, reportedly 5,000 or so more than the first year of the Mustang!   Ford financing also probably helped a lot (Ford Motor Credit document here).    Whole page ads even appeared in Playboy magazine, touting the hippie-era, psychedelic paint colors that Ford was offering (advert of green car with cowboy).  Postcards were offered also. Ford was even in a playful, if tasteless, mode when it did a design study on the Maverick that is hard to understand these days. It is hard to imagine, as the century ends, that any other new car could sell so many units in its first year.

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