More photos will follow soon as I finish up this car with the help of Michael Smith and Geoff Watson.  Here is the planned progression of the work:

    1. Paint the Cowl and engine compartment in Poppy Red, and paint reverse side in black enamel.  Since the car is a solid color, I can paint the cowl at this point and be assured that it will match the rest of the car.
    2. Install the fresh dash after I swap over the riveted VIN plate from the original dashboard.
    3. Install the new windshield in fresh weatherstripping.
    4. Complete body work, including the substitution of new/restored doors to sidestep the rust in the original doors.
    5. Paint entire car in Poppy Red. All paint is in single stage DuPont Centari.  The hood insert and taillight panel will be painted in a special mix of black pearl DuPont Centari with clear coat.
    6. Install new interior: fresh front seats, fresh carpets, '65 Mustang console, various trim items.
    7. Suspension changes: All mechanical pieces are powder coated in black, clamped rear springs, replacement front coil springs, full underside detailing.
    8. General reassembly of the car.


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Photo 2

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Photo 5

Photo 6

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